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Jun 30, 2020

Joe and Amy talk talk to the program manager for the Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon Sean-Paul Mahoney about being on the front lines of in Portland. They discuss why anonymity has a harmful byproduct and how the drug war is racist.

Jun 23, 2020

Joe and Amy speak to combat vet Chris Taylor who overdosed on heroin while running for Congress. He talks about the political and personal repercussions of that relapse after 7 years sober as well as PTSD, how the VA isn’t meeting the needs of returning veterans and more

Jun 14, 2020

Joe and Amy discuss the medical aspects of addiction with noted addictionologist, psychiatrist and previous owner of Townsend Treatment center, Dr. Howard Wetsman. The doctor poses the valid question “Why does the patient have no voice in their own addiction treatment?”.