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Apr 27, 2021

Joe and Amy sit down with former professional heavyweight boxer, competitive chess player and best selling author Ed Latimore. We talk racism, alcoholism, his faith based recovery, the boxing world and how not to care what people think.

Apr 20, 2021

Joe and Amy sit down with Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, to talk about his new addiction memoir “Beautiful Things”.  We discuss Hunter’s recovery, family trauma, the Biden lineage of alcoholism, the stigma of drugs and of course, being in the crosshairs of the social media.  .

Apr 13, 2021

Joe and Amy sit down with Dave from the famed Dopey Podcast.  Dave confesses his resentments, talks about tennis balls filled with heroin and relays his take on Cali Sober, DMX and Tiger Woods.

Apr 6, 2021

Joe and Amy sit down with former editor-in-chief of Gawker, AJ Daulerio who gets candid about sparring with Hulk Hogan and Bubba the Love Sponge. AJ talks about his own recovery and his very cool recovery site "The Small Bow".